What is Staging?

The way you live in your home and the way you market it for sale are two very different things. When you list your home for sale it becomes a product, a house that needs to sell. It will be competing with many other "products" and must stand out from the competition and ensure mass appeal. The process of making that happen is called Staging. Staging is not decorating, it's marketing. It ensures that prospective Buyers will concentrate on the architectural details and overall space in your home, not your family photos and personal collections. As an ASP Stager (Accredited Staging Professional), I am highly trained to ensure your home appeals to the most buyers possible.


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One Chance to Make a First Impression:

It may be a cliche but it's true! A home buyer forms 33% of their opinion before they ever reach your front door. Once inside, they usually decide if they're interested in the first 15-20 seconds. From the moment they leave their car to entering the foyer, everything should say "Welcome, please come into this beautiful home!" But dead flowers, overgrown hedges and shoes piled inside the front door, all say "this home is NOT where you want to live... leave now".

Staging Creates Value:

Staged homes are proven to sell for more money in less time than the competition. Consider if your home doesn't sell quickly, you will most likely have to take a price reduction, and some properties undergo several price reductions. Staging your home can ultimately save you thousands of dollars.

Get Moving!

Let's face it, if you really want to move, you will need to clear out your house to the bare walls. Staging forces you to clear out clutter and personal belongings now, making for less work later.

List Your Home with Me and Get My Staging Services FREE!

As your Listing Agent, I will get paid my commission when your home sells. There are no additional charges from me to Stage your home. Should outside contractors be needed (handyman, painter, trash removal, etc.) you will pay them directly. I have a number of qualified, reasonable contractors who can provide these services.